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So, it's that time again. I just pulled the trigger on an F30 335 fully loaded! Delivery on Friday

Unfortunately, that means it's time to say "fare thee well" to my beloved E92 335.

I got the F30 sight unseen from my longtime dealer - no test drive, no nothing. This is my 5th 3er since 2000, so I feel I know what I'm getting into.

BUT, I now find myself wrestling with a bit of buyer's remorse. I love my E92 to death, especially with the N54 motor's incredible tune potential. Looking at the current performance figures of the F30 and lower tuning potential, I can't help but feel that I'll be let down.

So, fellow F30 owners (especially those coming from E9X/N54), help me feel better about my new baby:

1) What are your planned/installed mods for the F30?
2) Any personal experiences out there comparing E9X to F30? Especially tuned E9X vs tuned F30? How do they compare in performance?
3) What are the new features in the F30 that make you forget about your E9X.
4) Any other tips for a mod-happy 3er fan who's dealing with N54-withdrawl?

I'm thinking my first mod (after wheels) will be a JB N55 tune...