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Thanks guys for bringing this up

After 2000+ miles, I must admit that I have just embraced this car as a whole including the auto box.

If I focus on the ZF8AT. Yes there are some 'auto' traits that I am not pleased about, but have to say they are reduced to an 'acceptable' level. To me the main auto traits that bugged me historically:
  1. Torque convertor slush through the gears - Thanks to the integrated clutch, this is hardly evident other than at walking speeds. It is annoying in reverse more than going forward on the ZF8.
  2. The 'drive-on' when coming to a stop. Again possibly due to the de-coupling clutch, this is much less evident.
  3. Being in the wrong gear. Got to be honest, despite it having more gears than most Auto's it is extremely good at selecting the right gear, totally happy with this aspect, and it has the added bonus of being 100% manual shift if needed.
  4. Not being able to launch it on the clutch. Erm, not really a problem with the 330D

All in all I have to say I have no regrets going for the ZF8AT the point that if I were offered a manual F30 330D, I would still choose Auto. There are situations where auto is an absolute godsend, and I am loving those moments.

Having said that I drove a 1 series manual recently and loved the zipping through the gears again. There is still much satisfaction in manual cog swapping for me. I have come to accept that for a DD ZF8 auto is good, for a 2nd 'fun' car, perhaps manual rules.