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Originally Posted by clarence View Post
For some the fascination lies in the fact that they're smooth & sounds nice, where it encourages u push it hard. If not for that they cannot mask the inherent peakiness of the engine.
The 20i version of the N20 is much more linear in it's delivery & so it's faster in day-to-day driving conditions.
It's the difference with driving a golf car, a Tesla (I imagine) and a turbo car.
The NA has slow to max setting, whereas the other flat power curves give you the electric motor feel.
Granted NAs are a lot weaker (1/3 to 2/3 in the usuable rev range) but it's like clasical music vs. a dead beat (I don't like clasical music).
I6s have a rapidly rising sound frequency change with revs vs. the 4/8 cylinders (see the graph by BMW) which acentuates the reving action, like a cheetah vs an elephant. I seriously thought my N52 sounded better then an V8 M3 it was revving against, even with the M exhaust.
My n52 is perfect for my use, it's so quite you forget it's on at idle, if you want to hear the engine you roll down the windows and mash it and it sounds like a bomb. I tried adding a engine noise through the aux/radio with a mic in the front, so I could hear it without the windows down.