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Originally Posted by AntBabeee View Post
Can you elaborate? I never done outside cosmetic to any cars. Hehe. Only reason why I would think about taking it off and incase in the future I want to paint the top off of the lip.
Just leaves alot of residue nothing some goof off cant handle

Originally Posted by N55 View Post
You're Banh Mi are really good in seattle. I have a friend whose relative overnights about 50 of them a few times a year.
Thats dedication for finer eating lol

Originally Posted by v1p3r View Post
Where are the pics of the Banh Mi?
We were hungry so we ate them with extreme prejudice before any pictures were taken next time i promise.

Originally Posted by ra2fanatic View Post
illegal lane crossing + unblurred license plate = $$$

you really should be careful what images you post, I wouldn't want you getting busted for something like this.
Thanks for the concern Its private neighborhood back roads so I wont I promise knowing the laws 95% of the battle

Originally Posted by scott@bmwhn View Post
The first shot is my Favorite!
Thats my favorite too
Finally Famous!