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Originally Posted by clarence
Originally Posted by Aritaurus View Post
In Canada, the only way to get combox features is by getting the BMW assist and extended Bluetooth package so I would assume it's through BMW assist.

What's the difference between BMW live and BMW assist? Is it that one uses a tethered connection to your iphone?

Do I change the 609 to 614 and the 6NK to 6AL on the VO? I'm currently on 609 and 6NK (originally 6NH).
BMW Assist uses combox telematics (6NL) w/built-in simcard. BMW Live uses combox media & thru bt data transfer. Both are mutually exclusive.
Before u do anything, do u have bt data transfer available as a selectable option under ur bt settings? If u have then u should add 6AA, 6AB, 6AL & 8SC (shawn pls confirm) plus some codings (if necessary). U may also need to write a EU VIN to ur combox (ask shawn).
Don't change 609 into anything else cos u'll lose ur nav, & don't change 6NK.
So I have BT data transfer, Live activated and working by FDL coding of my HU_CIC.
I don't have a combox though only 6NH.

Can I VO code anything else?