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Originally Posted by oldnail View Post
Not too worried about it.

If it doesn't drive properly, it goes back ... thats what I did with the last one (which drove beautifully but wasn't in A1 condition). It'll get a proper test drive next weekend.
I bought my AUC 535i without a test drive, first time ever, just took delivery, headed for the motorway and 300 miles ahead. I did see it on my way south, while being prepared in the garage, but never took it out on the road as they were working on the engine, (which I knew about) waiting for a part from Germany. True I had tested the F10/11 in other models, so knew what to expect driving wise. Still can't believe I did it that way, just swapping cars on the way north.

Reputation of the garage was on the line, sales manager had driven it after delivery from BMW HQ, and assured me every thing was as it should be. And it has proved to be.

That's the forth BMW AUC bought 'blind' in the family. My son has bought both his X3 vehicles without driving them, first one without even driving an X3. I drove one and gave him the low down. Brother in law bought an Z3 that way as well. Even had it delivered to Scotland from Park Lane BMW, guys arrived for breakfast, drove up over night. My son's first X3 also came from Park Lane, (best deal for a used X3 in the country at the time) again delivered up here, they simply said "it will be to your satisfaction," and it was.


PS: Enjoy when you get it.