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Originally Posted by David328M-Sport View Post
Seriously? Sports mode on the hwy. Interesting. Why did you do use it over Comfort? I found at hwy speeds, even Eco-Pro was up to the challenge of hill climbs and quickly reaching max sped limit after crawling at 60km/h through rural towns, once the car was back on cruise control. I used Comfort for overtaking. Never used Sports mode on Hwy.

At what speed does Sports mode change to 8th gear, if it does?

LOL I decided to do it for fun.. it doesnt kick in to 8th gear i think it felt as though it kept in 7th fo the most part. Also i overtake alot on the highways every chance i get to get >< for i always stick about 10 above the limit, 110 is the max on the highways to Sydney. Overtaking speed 150 Kept me awake for the 10 hour drive lol