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Anything E (ie E90,92etc) will depreciate faster since the intro of the F30 and believe me, it has not sunk in yet, but the previous generation is going to look so old in the next little while with more and more F30s hitting the roads. The F30 will remain the same for the next 3 yrs or so and even for another 2-3 yrs after the LCI. So you're buying a more expensive car but which will remain relevant for yrs to come vs buying a previous generation car. My 07 5 series looks so old and crappy compared to the F10,but when I bought it, the F10 had just been out for a year so it had not sunk in yet how old my prev gen 5 is going to look. And now with F10s everywhere, it just feels like I own an old crappy bi mmer. And I tried to sell it a couple times but the offer prices just too low (again due to being a prev gen car)

If you don't care about looks, I think E feels better driving, specially because of the steering wheel feedback that's all.
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