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Hmm Bimmer-A just realized in your sig. that you're expecting delivery in March?

When was your order placed? I thought demand would have cooled down abit and you coulda got it sooner.

OptiCoat- May try that on the next car for sure, seems like alot of people are happy with the results..Another great glass protectant is AQuarts and 22PLE Glass Coat (<- Big Hype about this lately). Try this(Swissvax Nano Express) as a top op wax/sealant for protection every month or so it adds alot of depth and luster, I use it in between my full details. It's just a wipe on wipe off after a car wash, from my experience it offers better depth in colour compared to other products like ultimate quik wax (meguiars) or Dodo's Red Mist