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Test drove both the S4 and S5 and I thought both cars were great before driving and seeing the F30. The back seats in both S4 & S5 were complete deal killers for me.....way too small for people to sit back there.

I also decided that I would rather have a 2WD car rather than an AWD car. The front and rear views of the Audi's are great but I did not like the rear view. It really just came down to liking the styling and the looks of the F30 M sport vs. the Audi's.

Audi is a great choice. Interiors are great and leather nice if not nicer than the F30. I hated the fact I had to spend $40 a month on the navigation system, another deal killer. I will NOT pay a monthly for ANYTHING which is why I've never even turned on Siri in my car nor will I even though it's free.

Lease factors, residuals, payments and overall cost of the Audi compared to the F30 was much more. All added together and it was a no go for Audi.....this time. I do plan on driving an S6 if there is ever one to test drive. I don't like how Audi dangles a carrot on their high end cars and then they're impossible to find, test drive, buy.