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Originally Posted by VP Electricity
Originally Posted by SamS View Post
^^ Can the H/K be improved by any cost-effective methods?
My answer to that question is, yes:

1) Turn off the Logic 7 processing and unplug the center channel speaker. To test this out, take a later Tom Clancy hardback or a Harry Potter hardback, fold a thick towel, sit the towel on the center speaker and sit the book on it. Now listen for a while. Sounds better.

2) We are introducing a complete plug-and-play subwoofer package by Christmas for the h/k system. Probably going to start at $995 for the completely-stock-looking, no-modification required, plug-and-play system.

We are behind my original schedule, but I like how it looks. Imagine this in matching upholstery and with a matching grille:

What is included in the package deal?