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Originally Posted by abe12345 View Post
just curious do speed traps exist outside the main highways like 110 or 280? skyline blvd looks deserted most of the time but have ppl been caught there before?
I'm not too familiar with 101 since my daily commute takes me down 280 from SF to Stanford. Also, I'm not sure about some of the secondary roads. But here's the intel I'm familiar with:

There are two spots on 280 were I always pay extra attention.

1. I-280 South - Immediately after the traffic from Woodside Road onramp. There's a small dirt path/ramp running parallel to the freeway. They like to sit there and instant on radar.

2. I-280 North - There is a out of service vista point north of exit 30. It has a great elevation gain at the top of the onramp. CHP will regularly sit there using LIDAR and instant on Ka radar. Always slow down around this bend, because they will literally give it to you in the rear.

PM me if you're interested in recommendations about laser interceptor or other countermeasures.