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Originally Posted by Fitz335 View Post
This "gran coupe" thing is really stupid. It's either a two door coupe or it's a four door sedan. All the even numbers are suppose to be "coupes", but why have a 4 door coupe? Why not just make the M6 a two door coupe and an M7 a four door "gran coupe"(SEDAN).

Gran Coupe with four doors is like having a Mini Sedan with two doors, I don't get the point.

It's "sleeker" bla bla.
I 100% agree with you.

As far as I'm concerned, the "grand coupe" or "four door coupe" thing is nothing more than MBAs having come up with another way to market a different and sleeker exterior design and mount it on an existing chassis/frame, and gussy up the interior, all to boost the price and thus the profits. Sex sells; that about what it comes down to. That one can get a 550 X-Drive equipped the same as a 650 X-Drive grand coupe for about $10K less illustrates my point. They are basically the same car, but for the outward appearance and the lack of space in the rear seat. And for my money, the 5er is handsome enough, even though the 6er version is swoopier.

That said, I'm not going to be in the market for another large 4-door as I already have a 5er. I will, however, be seeking to replace my 3er in a few years and I sure do hope that the price for a 4er coupe won't be $10K more than the 3er sedan, similarly equipped. I still see the 3/4 series as utility cars and my 3er is my daily driver. Regardless of my ability to do so, I simply won't spend a gross sum (> $50K modestly equipped) on a daily driver. So while I may prefer the 4er, I may yet end up buying a 2er (or a non-BMW) for that reason alone.

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