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Originally Posted by ljt335msport View Post
Mine does the same thing. I would describe it as a lumpy power output. It feels like the turbo goes into overboost and then immediately backs down and again and again. It seems to happen when I'm in a high gear and give it a moderate throttle application. I wonder if unplugging the solenoid connector on the JB as others are doing now would cure this?
When I took my car in today, LTMW thought it might be the gas.. Maybe just a bad batch or winter blend..

It never did it when I originally got the JB4, which makes them suspect it might be the gas..

I ended up after my install today, getting some 100 octane fuel, mixed in about 4 gallons to maybe a little more than half of my tank..seemed to clear it up and make it better, but I do not think it cured it..