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Originally Posted by CoolDude196
Originally Posted by PrinceBarin
Ha ha. My last car was an Audi and I'd gladly have one again

But, joking aside, I was blown away with the performance of the 3 series with these tyres, particularly given the middle-of-nowhere village road conditions I was faced with. If anything was going to cause me trouble it was ground clearance (understandably) but grip for starting/cornering/stopping was beyond my expectations.

Couldn't recommend it enough - I'm a total winter tyre convert.
How much were they? Did you get them from BMW or alternate supplier?

Good to see the money's worth it! Should winter tyres be made mandatory? I guess that's another story...
I was lucky enough to be supplied these under my company car scheme. I think they recognise that I will go through 2 sets of tyres anyway so better to make them season-specific. I've stored the all-seasons in the garage. Plus, it reduces the risk of accidents which reduces the company's insurance whilst also appealing to the corporate responsibility agenda!

The extra grip through the Autumn has been noticeable particularly when accelerating and stopping on greasy/frosty roads.

But they've come into their own in the snow this weekend. I'm sold for life on the benefits.