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Originally Posted by mikew2069 View Post
Mmmmmm... Challenge. I have one of those waiting for me in my garage I would love to hear your write up on it. Could you feel a difference with it installed?

I only have had the challenge HFC DP on for a day...but from what I can tell..

The exhaust system I have + the JB4 was already pretty loud when you open up WOT...Now when you step on it WOT it is pretty damn awesome, I would say it made a little louder than before, but now it has this beefier, deeper tone..

I definitely feel a difference too, some more power with the DP. It also gurgles, bubbles, and pops more with the downpipe... I am loving it already

I do admit though, the exhaust + downpipe + JB4 is fucking rad. The exhaust + JB4 alone was already fast as shit, but now I am feeling even faster. I haven't even put it in sport mode yet with all the options, I am sure when I do, it will be scary..I basically just been driving around in comfort mode, and it hauls ass

I am thinking just for fun, I might go pay to dyno it somewhere, just to give myself and everyone a idea of where I might be horsepower wise with these options..