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Originally Posted by mikew2069 View Post
: Awesome. Can't wait to get all of my stuff installed. So how is the volume inside the car under normal cruising and normal acceleration? Is is very loud w/ the windows up? Think its appropriate to use as a work car while driving around customers from time to time or too aggresive?
I would say, there is a slight drone once and awhile, but it is LOUD. Even low revs are pretty loud. But the slower you go while stepping on the pedal lightly, you can kinda control it.

My lady definitely noticed the exhaust the first time she got in the car without me telling her. I will see if she notices the next time she gets in if she thinks it is any louder or not.

If you were going to drive customers around, you could get away with it, but i think it would still be pretty noticeable to them.

I am even thinking a resonator maybe down the road to help with the drone, but we will see.

I have to admit, flooring it through tunnels is really really fun though...