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Originally Posted by bradleyland View Post
3.5 seconds is an eternity on a 3:00 lap. It's going to take more than a tune to catch it. The 335i is a fantastic car, but the S6 justifies it's price tag well.
the VIR track definitely favors handling above all else to get a good lap time, which is why the boxster, and RS5 beat some much more powerful cars. The difference between the 335, and S6 was 3.4 seconds with 120hp separating the two. On the other side the diff. between the M5 and S6 was 4.6 seconds with 140hp between the two. So I think the 335 did quite well, and when the M335 comes out it should set an impressive time. On the other side the M5 being 4.6 seconds quicker than the S6 is huge, and im not sure adding 140hp which what the RS6 will be is enough to make up almost 5 seconds.