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Maybe this will help even more. I have M6 Reps, 19x8.5 front-et 35 and 9.5 rears et 35. Like Scarecrow, I have 275-30 rear but my fronts are 235/35. My rears appear to stick out a little too much, so really wish I would have gone with a 265-35 rear and 245 fronts. My front wheel offset is perfect, but the tire is slightly stretched so the wheel appears to be inset. The 245 would be a better match for the front wheel and offset to look like its pushed flushed with the fender. My rears appear to stick out too much and just the opposite of the rears. The wheel again is the correct offset so the 265 would match the offset and slightly taller sidewall to match the 245s. Cant recall who said he had 225s on front and hate, hate, hated them Thats how I feel about the 235s. I just dont like that stretched look at all. I really want the tire to slighly exceed the edge of the wheel it also helps save you from curb rash when the wifey happens to drive it....