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Originally Posted by claykin View Post
No Michelin's in either size (18 or 19 in RFT)
Would like to know what goodies you use on your wheels. I've tried just about everything and cannot anything better than the following:

1. Mother's wheel brush
2. Mothers wheel toothbrush
3. Some microfibre random deep wheelbrush I got for cleaning well into the Rim.
4. P21S for normal washing along with lots of sudsy Meguiars Gold car wash on Mother's brushes.
5. Sonax Full Effect for every few washes. This stuff is amazing. Scary amazing.
6. Wheel Wax for every few cleanings to deflect sticky dust
7. Meguiars Brake Dust Barrier. Be 100% sure wheel is 1000% dry before applying, otherwise you'll regret it. It seems to help a lot along with #6. I washed my car today and it took 15 minutes to clean my wheels. Amazing considering these horrid dust bucket brake pads!
Wow, some great stuff there. As someone who knows nothing about taking care of a new car - you got any more advice for taking care of the exterior? I'm in snow country and the salt buildup on the side panel is killing me