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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post
If you need to get some tire spin to get moving in snow, or getting up a slippery hill where you need wheel spin, then push the "DTC/DSC" button just once, do NOT hold it in.
By pushing the button once it will activate DTC-dynamic traction control.
DTC allows the drive wheels to spin when needed to get the car moving and keep it moving.

DTC can also be activated by setting the driver mode to "sport+", which is basically 'sport' mode with DTC added/+.

If you want to use comfort or eco pro mode along with DTC, then simply set the driver mode to what you like, and then push the DTC/DSC button once and let go.
If you hold the DTC/DSC button for longer than 5 seconds, DTC and DSC will be deactivated.

In normal DSC mode, traction control is aggressive along with stability control.
DTC gives a more dynamic level of traction and more dynamic stability control.

Thank you so much for clarifying this with me... i will definitely try that next time.