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Originally Posted by jdong View Post

Here you go. Go ahead and make fun of how slow I am at getting into my car!
Very good... told ya'll it's fast!

On my commute to work today (16 miles), I averaged 44.9mpg, I used Eco Pro. If I can hit high-30's as an average, I will be a happy camper.

A few other thoughts about the car, although most are just F30 vs. E9x observations:
  • Lane Departure Warning is basically worthless (good thing I didn't pay for it, ha!). Sure, it will vibrate the wheel a little bit, but by the time you've drifted that far you'll probably notice yourself. I keep it turned off so I don't have to to look at the lines and arrows in the center of the instrument panel.
  • Speed Limit Info is really nice. I thought there was a way to display this in the IP, in addition to the HUD?
  • The Automatic headlights seem more in tune with the time of day, than actual light outside to trigger. Even at 5pm, it is plenty light here and the sun is high in the sky. But the car seems to know that light is fading so it is aggressive when turning on the lights.
  • Auto High Beams work great! What an incredible amount of light they can throw out.
  • AH3 has a "secret" compartment on the left side of the trunk. I think this is where the Combox is, in the standard F30?
  • H/K stereo is not quite as good as the Enhanced Premium Sound I had in my M3. The default settings have too much treble, so I have to take everything down about 2-3 clicks starting at 2kHz to 10kHz. The EPS had stronger bass, and the Surround mode was actually enjoyable. The L7 just adds weird echoey processing.
  • The view of the gauges "through" the wheel is better than my M3. Ergonomics and comfort are improved in every way, especially the placement of the iDrive controller. The M3 seats are a bit better, but it's not by much over my Sport seats. Seating position and visibility is perfect.
  • NBT is fast fast fast. Scrolling through any list, or Navigation options just flies. The traffic data does seem more detailed than the older Nav. I haven't tried 3D views, yet.
  • Although my homemade (really ProClip) iPhone mount is great, I still miss the iPod Out feature I got with my iPhone 4. Navigating and searching through BMW's artist/album/song layout is cumbersome compared to the iPod Out manner.
  • I really like how incoming calls with name are displayed right in the HUD.
  • I did get the M-sport dead pedal... some of you did not with the M-sport package?
  • The exhaust isn't as muted as the car from my test drive. When you really get on it, or during a cold start, it sings quite well.
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