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Originally Posted by jtuds View Post
I have been drivign FWD cars in snow all my life. Never had AWD except out IS250 which my wife drives. I am OK with all seasons and FWD, always have been, never bought snow tires before. But I hear RWD is another story, understandably...

Personally, I'd prefer to drive a RWD car because 9 months of the year there will be no snow and when tehre is, I know which routes to take and which to avoid...and we get ploughed pretty soon after snowfall around here.

If I was to buy a 335i x-drive I'd be looking at a $53,800 base the time I add options, delivery and 13% tax, might as well get a base M3.
Its been proven over and over again...Winters vs a/s from 30 mph....a/s takes about 30 ft more to stop(think sliding through an intersection). Still want to stay on a/s? Most recent comparo iis in current European Car mag.