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Originally Posted by JohnVidale View Post
For the 2013 328i and 328ix, from the BMW official page, the xDrive is 0.2" higher - 0.4%, not much at all.

The xDrive is 235 lbs heavier - but a load of people in my family weighs a lot more that that, I would account for 75% of it. More relevant is that the xDrive is FASTER, not slower - 5.7s to 60, rather than 5.8s to 60. Maybe you have the power robbery backwards?

I'm just curious, my xDrive is not here yet, but it is difficult to get a clear story here.

Maybe BMW knows the most - "That means under normal conditions, drive forces are spread out with a rear-wheel bias. But the moment the system senses excessive wheel slip, it subtly shifts torque to meet the changing conditions, offering maximum available traction and superior handling on all surfaces."
Good post. You never know what to believe here. Everyone here can tell the difference between 48% of the weight on the front wheels vs 51%. That extra 180-220 lbs (about the weight of a friend) really messes with some guys here. I bet they FREAK out when driving with a full tank....about 120 lbs!