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I've got some stuff from Chemical Guys for the wheels that works "OK". Yesterday I just use a heavy dose of their Citrus Wash in water + those Christmas-tree-shaped wheel brushes from Griot's. I normally take the wheels off and seal/wax the barrels, but I was running out of time yesterday.

A few more notes on my first days with the AH3:
This car seems to have better/harder paint than my E92 M3 (Jerez Black). There were very few fine paint scratches after pickup from PCD and the drive home. I did a two stage compound/polish with my Porter Cable + Menzerna, along with a sealant and wax. Looks gorgeous! I got the high-gloss B-pillars looking especially great. Those were the only parts of the car that showed obvious damage, before I went to work on the car. My M3 would get fine scratches just from breathing on it.

I also mounted a holder (ProClip USA) for my iPhone 5 just ahead of the iDrive controller. This includes a cable attachment to plug into the USB armrest port. Now I have better-sounding music (vs. Bluetooth streaming), charging, and convenient place to store my phone. I'll take a picture this weekend of the final setup.
You are missing out. Trust me, I've dumped $$ on car care crap.

Get some Sonax Full Effect (about once per month or every other month if you keep car clean), P21S (for most weekly care), Wheel wax, and Meguiars Brake Dust Barrier. Use the Mothers full wheel brushes and the detail toothbrushes and you'll be pretty happy.

Good idea to remove and wax/coat the wheel interiors. Just get a deep brush to keep that clean too. BMW actually sells a decent brush at the parts dept. Griot is OK, its just they are $$$$ for the same "Made in China"..