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Question on Warming Up Turbo Cars + Higher Altitude

Hey guys,

it's my first time at owning a turbo car and was wondering if you guys can dispel some of the myths of turbo cars for me.. first off, I've read on several Internet car forums that any turbo car should be warmed up (in terms of engine oil) before making higher revs, is this true? Will I see any issues with the turbo from the occasional "spirited" punch in throttle if the car isn't fully warmed up yet?

second thing, i live in a higher than average altitude city (Calgary) so the altitude causes a bit of a strain on the turbo from what i've read. To my understanding the turbo has to "work" harder to produce boost as it's in a higher altitude... is this true as well? And if so, is there anything i can do as preventative maintenace?? Thanks guys!