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Originally Posted by rtb001 View Post
The base US stereo (which is the mid level stereo in other markets I think) has:

1 center speaker on the dash
1 tweeter and 1 midrange on each front door
1 midrange on each back door
I think 2 small subs, one under each front seat

So that makes 7 speakers and 2 small subs

I find it more than adequate, but I'm no audiophile. Mainly I like that it is versatile and can play radio, satellite radio, audio CD, mp3 CD, iphone/android input, USB stick mp3, all easily controlled via iDrive. Besides, while fairly quiet, it's not like the F30 has got a super insulated cabin like a Lexus or Buick, so I wonder how much you'd notice better sound quality while on the move. The bass is not that thumping, tho, so I guess if you're blasting hip hop all day long you might want to upgrade.
I like loud music sometimes (not like ridiculously loud, but anyways...) and the stock subs just crap out at really low volumes. I don't really listen to bass-y hip-hop or anything so I can only imagine how crappy the US Base audio would be for that. Anyways, really just looking for a replacement for the subs so they stop making that awful noise when they are too loud.