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Originally Posted by JooFoo View Post
I have a portable USB stick plugged into my armrest. Until today I've always been able to see all my songs displayed in the instrument cluster. I did this by selecting the USB/Audio option from the "Mode" button on the steering wheel.

Now my entire track list is no longer visible in the the instrument cluster...tried disconnecting and reconnecting my USB key but the tracks still don't show up. I must have hit some setting by mistake.

How do I get all my songs displayed again in the instrument panel?
I have been having the same problem with both USB and with bluetooth streaming. When USB connected, the song images will sometime show and sometimes not show (not because there isn't any art for them either). It is totally random. When bluetooth, sometimes it will download the whole library, sometime, just a couple songs, then 30 songs -- never consistent. I paid for enhanced bluetooth -- so far, not so enhanced.