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Coding Help!!

Hi All,

I have been through the PDF with step by step instructions however after clicking "Code FDL" it runs through and gives me the following error:
Just trying to code our the disclaimer. The default was set to permanent so i set it to Kein_id.
Also the folder was named HU_CLAMP2. I could not find HU_CIC as per the cheat sheet
Car is 2012 328i

[HU_CHAMP2 - 63] prepareECUforCoding started
[HU_CHAMP2 - 63] prepareECUforCoding error
[HU_CHAMP2 - 63] finalizeECUCoding started
[HU_CHAMP2 - 63] finalizeECUCoding finished
[Exception - HU_CHAMP2 - 63] Exception occurred: job failed with negative response error:
code: written data does not match read data
description: no detailed description available; ECU: HU_CHAMP2_63_ETHERNET
severity: ERROR

Timestamp: Thu Jan 24 12:49:39 EST 2013
ErrorCategory: VEHICLE_ERROR ID: 433