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Originally Posted by Il Fenomeno 415 View Post
Just wondering if anyone noticed any issues after having a rear bumper replaced due to a accident in regards to the new paint job, or metal damage underneath the cover.

2 weeks after I took delivery some old fart rear ends me at a red light. He claims he didn't have a cell phone on him but I'm willing to bet he was texting. His license plate was stamped onto my bumper cover, but overall no real noticeable damage. So I'm getting my rear bumper cover replaced at a certified BMW collision center and they'll have to repaint the metallic mineral gray. I'm just very concerned given that I feel my brand new special order already has been abused...I'm hoping it will be returned to me like new.

Please let me know if you've had a rear bumper replaced and if there were any sort of headaches or issues with the paint color etc--thanks!
Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think that the replacement rear bumper will come pre- painted Mineral Grey from BMW.