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Originally Posted by tdizzle
I had a similar thing happen to my car about 3 months after I got it. They ordered the bumper from BMW and it was unpainted, but they did an excellent job at matching the paint. It's apparently all electronic now so the paint job is flawless (my friends shop).

The only thing I noticed is the rear backup sensors don't seem perfectly flush with the bumper. They work fine, and maybe I'm just a perfectionist, but a couple are ever so slightly receded into the bumper (we're talking 1/8 of an inch or less).
BMW sends the bumper covers over unpainted. The guy told me that only Volvo covers are sent over painted oddly enough.

He also said they have official BMW paint because apparently this shop is the only BMW certified auto body shop in Illinois.

So do you mean you've noticed the rear parking detector is not as sensitive after the change? I will be very upset if I have to live with any changes after this gets done. Everytime I think about what happened I get so pissed off just recalling that guys look on his face.