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Originally Posted by Infamouz627 View Post
Nice, I will definitely take those into consideration. I can't justify forking out an additional 2k for the Nav since I can get the same functionality via my mobile phone (I'm sure there's a huge difference between the 2 but it's my opinion lol). Other than that, I like the sound of everything else.

I had mixed feelings about the leatherette at first but after reading reviews between leather and leatherette I felt it was more economical and the difference between the 2 was nominal. You're right about heated seats, my last car didn't come with heated seats and it never bothered me, what's probably more important is having auto start so I can get the heat running on 15 F days like today.

I had to go with the lighting package cuz like you said, a bimmer just wouldnt be a bimmer without the Halos.

Btw, I noticed you're from NY also...where in NY? Would you happen to know of any reputable dealers/agents in our immediate area who I may be able to bargain with?
Yeah the nav by itself is pretty pricey, but since you can't get the HUD as a stand alone, I was willing to get the entire tech pack for both the HUD and extended display, and nav's nice to have so I don't have to constantly fiddle with chargers and mounts, and worry about phonecalls in the middle of the trip.

I'm actually also in NYC, but I used BMW Manhattan cause my bank offered a very nice incentive for financing through them at that dealership. If you want lower prices and more personal service and attention, I'd suggest maybe heading out to Jersey. I took a look at some CPO 5 series at BMW of Bloomfield, they were pretty helpful and willing to negotiate on pricing.