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Originally Posted by finaloption View Post
another vote for hated of wood interior

that and tan interiors are complete deal breakers for me when it comes to cars

oh, and i voted for carbon black.. i love that blue hue

Well, I did have a tan interior with a wood dashboard once upon a time. The year was 1973 and the car was a brand new TR6. And it worked because the TR6 was an obsolete british sports car from the get go. The engine pulled nicely though and the exhaust note was great! I haven't had a car that sounded that good until I got the 335.

I agree that wood in a modern German manufacturer's car does not work. The aluminum hex trim is what I opted for in mine along with the basic black and it works well. Nothing distracts from the driving experience. BRG with tan leather and a wood dash belongs on a Jaguar - that is Jag's heritage.