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Originally Posted by BimmerHJ View Post
That's great news! Thanks for sharing.
My car has a few red spots on both sides, and right hinge on passenger side seat is showing rust development.... and it's visible
I keep watching them to see if the rust expands or not.
We will see ^^
By the way it's too cold outside in Ottawa! -28 'C!!!
It is great news....and it is f'n cold here. But at least it's proven that they fixed the faulty windshield washer fluid warning. It was just the stock liquid that they use.

Originally Posted by YeaF30 View Post
I got word back after escalating the problem to BMW NA and they informed me no action would be taken and that everything is completely normal. I explained to the lady that this is so disappointing that this is how my first experience with a BMW is going to go down.

I told her that it was like as if she had just purchased a $2500 dress and that the dress fit perfectly and looked fantastic but on the inside it had a giant stain. That giant stain couldn't be seen from the outside and there was no indication of it but she knew it was there. If she went to the dress maker and said "can I get a different dress this one has a stain on it and I paid a lot of money for this dress" with their reply being "well stains happen from time to time and they are completely normal so we aren't going to do anything about it". Now she has to keep the dress and know the stain is there and that the person who makes the dress doesnt give a shit about their product once it leaves their shop.

Thats what I feel like right now and the worst part is, the person who has my case at BMW NA is helping another forum member replace their seats as I write this. She explained to me that they have to believe the dealer in whatever they say because they are their eyes and ears on the situation at hand. Apparently the customers eyes ears and personal opinions doesnt mean a thing.
What did your seats look like? Do you have pics? I'm only wondering because I sent pictures that I took to both BMW Canada and the service manager at my dealership. The original instructions were to go to the dealership to have pics taken but it didn't make sense to me so I just sent them the ones I took on my iPhone. Once they saw the state of my car it seemed that was enough for them despite my service manager's initial assertion that it was normal. Just wanted to be sure that you had pursued all avenues.

Also, although I have never worn a dress I get your frustration 100%. Just knowing that I was sitting on a pile of rust on what was a 55k car just about ruined the car for me. I guess OCD personalities shouldn't buy first or second model year cars? Anyways, all the best of luck with this.