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Originally Posted by bradleyland View Post
That's central to my point. For what other engines does BMW use this binning approach? Is this something new? I've never heard of it applied to complex assemblies like an entire engine. The output is strictly a sum of all the parts, and those parts are scrutinized throughout the process for the very purpose of eliminating final stage anomalies.
Tho I have not researched into minute details over other BMW engines, they have been offering this "single type of engine in various states of tunes" for many years. The binning approach, I suspect, is only good for turbocharged engines as they're more stressed than NA engines (hence the need for more precise tolerances & construction methods).
BMW offers turbo diesel engines that are of a single family but in various different outputs for many years, so if indeed that's whts going on then they're not new to the game (& neither is for other European makes).

Originally Posted by bradleyland View Post
That's good information, and it's closer to the source than anything I've seen thus far, but my spidey sense is still all lit up over the binning approach for something as complex as an engine.
There are bound to be variations in outputs, however small, so it's just a way of cost savings.