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Originally Posted by TheMessengerImage View Post
Great work! I am also a photographer an I must say that's a bit crazy hanging out the trunk for the shot. But I guess compared to me standing on the edge of a waterfall in HI it's not much more crazy.
LOL I would rather not do the waterfall fear of heights and all you are a brave one.

Originally Posted by celicatoe46m3 View Post
OK so banh mi, at 11:41pm, yes I am hungry. Expecting to see some nice shots of banh mi. Now, from Vancouver, where do you recommend?
Where do i recommend for Seattle? Seattle Deli or Saigon Deli some of the newer places on the outskirts of Seattle arent bad either and then theres paseos cuban sandwiches which is on a caliber of its own. Lots of great sandwich places here.
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