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Originally Posted by steveL77 View Post
So I've had my car about a month now. Had the car washed 2 times already. Each time at a hand car wash. Tonight I'm driving and I notice when another cars lights shine on every window there is tiny spiderweb type scratches. I've never seen anything like this so soon. I had my e92 for 4 years and it wasn't this bad the day I traded it in.

My question is does anyone else have this problem? It's really annoying considering I have 900 mikes on the car and the windows and windshield look 10 years old already.
I hadn't noticed it until today. But my passenger side window has the same marks. Very light but noticeable marks.
I can't tell if its from me cleaning the window with glass cleaner and cloth or just usual wear and tear? Never had this problem with my x3
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