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Originally Posted by F30AM View Post

Not for me:
19" Wheels. Impractical. Ruin the ride. Expensive on tyres. Very difficult to fix. Impossible to get Wheel Insurance. A definite No no

Must say I'm a bit puzzled with this comment. Impractical, why? Having drove in 18s previously to the 19s I don't notice any difference, the suspension tends to make the difference IMO. Expensive on tyres, marginally, lets be honest if we're buying brand new BMW's I think the marginal increase is pretty insignificant really!

Personably I love the look of them and I feel they make the car!!!

My reasons which you might disagree with:

Impractical: Easier to kerb. I am crap at parking. Too many spokes to clean.

Difficult to fix: Because they are diamond cut. Without a wheel for a day as they need to be machined on a special lathe. Hence without a car. 18" are painted and can be fixed quickly and more easily with a smart fix (outside the house). Cheaper to fix due to Wheel Insurance. Diamond cut can only be fixed once.

Wheel Insurance: Not available as they are diamond cut.

Ride: No question that 18" give a better ride and produce less road roar. I've compared them very carefully.

Looks: 19" look nicer but not overly so. 18" also look great with a more delicate look.

Tyre costs and availability: 18" tyres are more easily available. I am too mean to pay that 'little bit extra' for 19" tyres.

Therefore, 5 out of 6 in favour of 18".

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