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Originally Posted by gerbs View Post
You can do that yourself as well if you'd like while you're doing the DIY grill install.

My only complaint so far is slight rattles in the upper-passenger (right) side headliner during higher-volume music on the HK system.

That and my 335i pulls to the right... but every BMW i've ever driven has pulled to the right so I'm not sure if that counts.
Thanks for that tip. I only looked at the latch catches. There's one on each side of the hood and a simple plastic casing that pinches off. The loops will screw in and out. I tightened the passenger side one in all the way, but it didn't help much. I'll have to look at the bumpers all the way around again. They didn't seem to move too easy today so I didn't mess with 'em much.

Oh, and for the DIY grill install, I don't think the instructions I found on the forum factored in parking sensors in the front. I took the torx screws out and the front barely came out enough for me to get a finger down in to touch one clip. Maybe my girl's just tighter than anyone else's, but I doubt that's all of the problem. lol. I'm gonna just have the dealer swap em. I refuse to break/scratch/bend anything on this car!