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Originally Posted by RichardM View Post
In my experience fresh snow is rarely a problem, it's compacted snow which has been driven on that causes problems as it's like ice.
In my experience there is snow and there is "impossible snow", plus everything in between. On some snow a summer tyred car isn't going anywhere without drama, whatever you try and do with it, seen it so many times up here.

It is why I don't take much notice of some of the reports that everything is fine on snow with RWD and summer tyres. OK, on some snow types, driving is possible, but that is not the complete picture. On some snow it is impossible. Hence, IMO, why there are so many contradicting reports for the same car models.

As you mention, the 'polished' snow gets very slippy, often dependent on temperature. And there is a kind of slush we often get over this side of the highlands, (thankfully not too often as it's lethal), again most cars just can't get going at all. It is often on a cold base but due to a 'half' melt it is so slippy it's just impossible to get any traction or braking, on anything but decent winter tyres.

I've known the slushy stuff to mess up the car's electronics. My brother in law's Jaguar even switched down and wouldn't allow a further engine start due to it, had to be recovered to Jaguar. Definitely put down to messing up the traction control system.