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Originally Posted by Ramsgate View Post
Meredith Adams

Why the interest in Swift Ace then?

An "M" huh...... that's a beauty! Good luck with it.

Mine was a dealer car, not ordered for any one, but bound for some other dealership in the West. Meredith found it on the boat when it was in the English Channel. She got it from the other dealer. Guess they do they all the time.
Just practicing following the ships. Just trying to fill the time till the Bimmer is here. Saw that you were in Tucson so I thought I would say hi.

Thanks - of course I am anxious to receive it and drive it. They got the allocation that was used for my car from another dealer - but since I wanted an MT there was no product in the shipping channels. I had to wait for a custom order. But I am getting exactly what I wanted.
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