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Hi everyone.

I thought I'd report back after a solid week with my car, as I now officially have 1200 miles on it

MPG is a bit interesting. My trip back from PCD to Texas averaged about 32-33, which is what you'd expect based on the EPA window sticker. This week, I did a full run of "normal" driving, i.e. heavy traffic, some short trips, a few 'spirited' runs, etc. This tank pulled in at 25mpg. For some reason, I was expecting better. However, that is right in line with the EPA sticker of 25/28/33. I do use Eco Pro whenever I know I'm going to be in heavy traffic. This allows me to take off from stop lights up to a speed of ~20mph before the motor kicks in. And of course you AH3 owners know, this transition is seamless Passengers would never know, and I have to watch the tach to even realize when it happens. So to sum up, I was being optimistic to think I'd get 30+mpg in normal commuting. I think average driving will yield high 20's. Which is not bad! Based on what I read in the "what's your mileage" threads, I think the AH3 will get the same mpg as an equivalent 328i with regular use of A.S.S. Yes (!) it's a lot more expensive than a 328i. But two important things to consider: 1) Engage Sport/Sport+ mode and you have a real torque beast, and 2) You don't have think twice about A.S.S. because it's completely transparent in the AH3, while it's quite the distraction in a 328i.

The car is a lot more "solid" feeling than my 2012 E92 M3. My driveway is a bit steep, and when I back out into the alley, there is a bit of a U-shape, where the back neighbor's driveway begins. So the car effective backs down into a shallow valley. This would cause my M3 to creak and groan every time I reached the bottom of the driveway. Not scraping, just flexing of what I assumed to be the interior panels. The AH3 is rock solid, with not a squeak or rattle to be heard.

I also like how it is easier to get into, and out of vs. the M3. I'm not sure if it's the seats, the shorter doors of the sedan, or what.

My only niggle with the NBT Nav is the seeming inability to "push" iPhone app music (aka Spotify, Live365, etc) because the iPod/iPhone music wants to override when connected via USB. I had a little progress on this today, and inadvertently got Live365 to play without the iPhone music overriding, but I can't duplicate this behavior It has something to do with the sequence in which the car recognizes the iPhone as a music source, and how you start the playback. More to come...

BTW, my wife is not impressed with the AH3 The first two comments she made where in reference to the Nav screen not sliding down, and the fact that the ride (Comfort, mind you) was not "comfortable". Yes, she drives a CR-V and expects to float on a pillow down the road
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