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Originally Posted by Vitoco View Post
Did you try one with the adaptive suspension, or the simple M suspension? You really dont seem to know what youre talking about, cause the body roll in my Touring is even less than what my e90 M Sport never failed to deliver. I feared the F3x would disappoint me after having a sport line rental for two weeks (e90 was getting its engine replaced). I hated that car n couldnt wait to get mine back. Later on decided to order a touring, traded the e90 in. Thought Id miss the steering n stiffness. When I finally got it 4 months later in october, after the first day I didnt even miss the E90 one bit. It was a totally different experience than that sport line I had, adaptive M is just fabulous and the steering is precise n really refined, perfectly weighted when in sport.

What can I say, in no way shape or form does the E9x handle better. Go water some flowers or something.
Well, its quite clear from your posts that you are the one who doesn't seem to know what you are talking about. Its an established fact now that BMW decided to take more of a luxury direction with the F30 than sport. Every professional reviewer has said that the E9x has the F30 beat in the handling dept. This in addition to most folks who have driven both also confirming the same. The F30 has its strengths over the E90, many of them infact, but not handling and steering feel. The E90's steering provides the legendary BMW feedback, while ad the F30's is numb, even in sport+. It may seem perfectly weighted to you, but that's because you are very much like the new type of BMW buyer, who puts more emphasis on luxury, lighter overall effort and better fuel eco.

Do some research, better yet, go drive both with an open mind before posting so impolitely here.