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Originally Posted by bobblehead View Post
ceramic tint is better. At least that's my opinion.

Clarity at night time is much clearer, even if it's tinted 15% (which I have all around).
However ceramics (in general) will reflect more interior light during the day. That means you'll be looking more at your reflection when looking through the side view mirror (especially if you choose the darkened shades). This can be distracting to some.

Ceramics are a good solution for anyone who wants the advantage of tint without much darkening. They provide high heat rejection without darkening the glass. Or a product like 3M Crystalline which is not exactly a ceramic, but is absolutely excellent film. If you want darkening and good heat rejection, my recommendation is 3M color stable.

No I don't tint glass, own 3M or have any affiliation with either. I've just been through so many tints over the years and found that 3M has stellar film.