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More F30 Squeak and Rattle Fixes for you Guys.

As it got colder here In the region, naturally the plastic inside these cars gets very cold and stiff. I discovered a few more rattle fixes for you guys.

As always not all of you may experience these rattles. In this thread Im going to post up 2 fixes and Ill post up another one tomorrow as I didnt take photos of the 3rd fix and I reassembled the car due to time constraints.

Only tool needed in these 2 fixes are

1. Flat head screwdriver
2. Foam tape, or squeak and rattle tape as I used in all of my fixes.

The 1st one was happening as my car's console was flexing, the I Drive controler aluminum trim piece was squeaking so to speak. I took this off and added foam so it sits on this instead of cold hard plastic.

The 2nd one is inside the console, its a very easy fix just follow the picure. For this one you really dont need any tools at all. Just you're fingers.

I did these and my car has never been so quiet before, and rattle free. I suggest doing this cold or not.
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