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Originally Posted by jdong View Post
I agree with the average mpg of high-20's city and combined and low 30's highway. The best way of thinking about this car is that it has all of the 335i's power and refinement on tap with the ability to match or slightly exceed the 328i's fuel economy. And it makes ASS have the level of refinement it should have had in the first place.
Agreed with all points above!

OK guys, important information regarding AH3 specific warranty:

A few months ago, before I got my car, there was talk about the AH3 not having any additional warranty on the hybrid components beyond the standard 48mo/50K period. This is not true! Page 17 of the Service and Warranty Information Guide makes specific reference to "Specific Control Devices" have either 7yr/70K or 8yr/100K warranty, and directs you do a chart on page 28.

On this chart, we see specifically that the AH3 has 7yr/70K warranty on the following components:
  • DSC
  • Electric A/C Compressor
  • EME (Electric Motor Control Unit)
  • HV Battery (Traction Battery) <--This is the big battery in the trunk
  • SME (High Voltage Battery Control Unit)
  • SME Cooling Fan
  • Starter-Generator
  • Throttle

So, anyone considering keeping the car longer than 4 years can rest a bit easier knowing some of those expensive components will be covered for 7/70K.

Oddly, some components (Catalyst, HPBP, Intake Manifold, etc) are actually covered for 8yr/80k on the 328i/335i, vs. only 7yr/70K on the AH3 and 328i SULEV/PZEV. Strange.
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