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Originally Posted by Prince_of_Persia View Post
Just out of curiousity, why did you decide to buy a 328 and spend money to mod it rather than buying a higher performance car like a 335?
Tbh, the new f30 328's are pretty good in performance already. 0-60 times are pretty close, gas is much better, lighter and with a tune and some mods it will be close to or as fast a 335. Or, maybe even surpass it. For that reason, I didn't buy a 335.

If it was still using the same motor as e9x I would definitely had bought a 335 or even a M3 because to make power that would equal to those will cost a lot of $$. But even then, the older 328 is still a good car, but just not enough power for me.

Originally Posted by scott@bmwhn View Post
probably 50-100 miles to completely still is pretty quite inside the cabin though.
Yea it's still pretty quiet inside, but u can definitely hear it from the outside. I love how when u downshift u can hear it pop!

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wow. this is amazing.