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Originally Posted by stom_m3 View Post
The video shows an analog real time MPG indicator. My 335i is digital. What type of F30 335i do you have? Do you not have Nav?

I am debating about getting the Burger Stage 1 and am trying to educate myself via this and other boards. The E90 board has harsh words for the JB4. While other boards are glowing about the JB4. Very confusing and hard to make a decision. Procede's box is suppose to come out shortly. Though, I'm beginning to lean towards the Burger Stage 1 from a cost standpoint. Did you buy any of the CAN reset stuff?
Man don't listen to guys on e90post they are all procede(Shiv) groupies, same thing with n54tech but people are a little less attacking. Both the procede and JB are great products for the e90. The JB4 gets flack because the procede came out with certain features before the JB4, and the JB4 does the same thing for cheaper. I had the actual jb4 tune for my e90 and it was amazing. The install was about 100 times harder than the tune for the F30. FYI this is called a F30 JB(juice box) stage 1 tune. Stage 2 will come out soon. JB4 is the stage 4 jb for the e90.
Overall I love Terry, his customer service is the best you will ever experience from any product. He gets back to you within 5 minutes usually. The install for this product is a joke, like screwing in a lightbulb, in 2 very specific spots. No tools required. For code clearing I had my CAN tool from my e90.