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Originally Posted by Vitoco View Post
Ive never cared bout fuel costs or opted for more luxury over sportiness, I changed my rfts for PS2s, I spent 2 hours everyday in my E90 for two years, I loved it for its handling capabilities and hated sitting in any other car. Didnt want tl get rid of it cause I felt the f3x had lost that feeling that you and every other reviewer who just tried it, say it has lost. But living with it, driving it daily, you see more clearly just how much better it is. And thats just subjectively speaking, if you look at facts the f3x is stiffer than the predecessor, its got better steering capabilities and is simply. We dont have to go through all the technical details, I assume that u already know what has been upgraded/improved on this new chassis n suspension etc. If not, u shouldnt even be replying. Anyways, heavier steering, which is the only thing the e90 defeats the f3x in, doesnt mean better steering capabilities or road feel. Its just heavier and you get too much road noise. Unnecessary info. If you know how to drive (can I assume you do?) and would live with both cars n an open mind(mine wasnt, in favor of the e90) you would realize how much better it is. And im talking f31 here, bet the f30 is even better balanced.
Its clear from your post that you have had a bad experience with your E9x's reliability, and to me, that seems to be clouding your judgement a bit. There is no argument that there have been advances in the F30 (as there should have been), but the general consensus is that its less of a driver's car than the E90. Particularly in the steering feel area (I never said heavy means better feedback, but the fact is that the E90's feedback is infinitely better than the F30's). Also in the area of braking - braking performance is poor - probably due to low rolling resistance tires, but that doesn't matter - in the end braking is poorer - not just distances but brake feel as well. Again, there are areas an enthusiast driver would pay attention to...that's why most if not all professionals reviewers have said the E90 has the F30 beat as a driver's car. If you want, I can post some links for you.

With respect to the pot shots you take at me about me knowing how to drive - well, as you can see, I come from a N54 equipped E90, so that should give you an idea whether I know how to drive or not. Yes, one of those original E90s that were rumored to have upwards of 340bhp.