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Originally Posted by Vitoco View Post
@Just A 3: He gave you a pretty good answer right there. Educate yourself a bit more please, you are the last person to argue about this as you seem to have no experience what so ever from the F30. All your arguments are "they say, they write, they tested". What do YOU know about the F30 and its handling capabilities apart from maybe having test driven one for a short while?

As for owning an N54 E90 and equaling that to being a skilled driver,
My experience with the F30 has been the test drives I have taken. My point about professional reviewers was made as a case in point. But then comprehension seems to be an issue with you, so no point wasting time.

Second, you asked me, unashamedly, whether 'I knew how to drive' - not 'are you a skilled driver'. So clearly in addition to being an impolite person, you are also a liar....go read your post again.